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Corroded Dreams - lyrics

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The sky's turning slowly red - allowing no first boom
On the wall you see your head - leave you ripped an torn
Every night it's just the same - a vast sadistic feast
Tormentor's voice is calling your name
Resolved you piece by piece
Keep back your delight
Don't conceal your fright
Tormentor's face of death - bones and blood he needs
Until there is no more breath - fanatic eyes that bleed
Only death is in his mind - he's got the force and power
He introduced you in his mind - he rules upon his tower
Keep back your delight
Don't conceal your fright
This sorcery will never die
You hear that deadly cry
You chase yourself to survive
To save your holy lie
And when you kill just one of it
Another one will rise
You're possessed by a devilish sorcery

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