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I've settled down, I said it twice this time
I tried to run so fast that I broke my feet
why did you have to leave?
I think about, sing about when you leave
I took a picture of a smile and I kept it
this is the very last thing
it seems like all the buildings
in the town could fall tonight
sometimes it's gone
sometimes it stays
just like the pictures on your wall
I watch the sun come up again
like a promise kept
like a bullet straight to my heart
it's strange how things have changed
and when the colder days will end
I'll be right there, waiting
don't call me back, don't call me back
I'm still hoping
searching, for the place that I left right here
I left right here
you're gonna live your life on the dance floor
spending every week end with your head on the floor
and it's where your place is now
the roads are leading you
to every space you left behind
take all your time, take all you need
to bring back everything you are
this is only, this, only

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Life in a Lighthouse - EP