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T.O. Gold Freestyle - lyrics

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Honey Cocaine bitch
It's a 90's gold baby
416 T-Dot
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9... 10
Why you acting like a G my ninja
Wit yo bitch made ass get aids for dinner
My goons from the Finch. my goons from tha Jane
They click clack bang bang brrrrat your brain
Shit. shoutouts to the GTA
416 the Toronto way
I know kids from the Palisades
Who would rob yo lunch, eat it in yo face
You know the down bottom red, the up tie blue
31 division trynna get the crew
Why? cus is, cus is, cus is, cus it's eat food season
You can get bodied without reason
Just spoke to the homie Mr. Rasta
100 goonies posted at the plaza
Damn the [?] [?] thugs too
All yellin fuck you
And they sellin drugs too
The you damn gwan like dem crazy
Them happy oddie 10 ponnie jane street
It's people walkin but nobody talks
You say the wrong thang, we send your body off
Now why you speakin to the cops?
You speak to me you speakin to a boss
Ima-Ima show you what them streets like
All these kids killin just to eat right
Love for the west and the east
South side. north side. T-Dot streets
Word. just a T-Dot set
And wherever im at i'll T Dot rep
So when I die thats a T Dot death
To all my homies reppin they know T Dot's next
Hon-hon-honey cocaine bitch fuck who you wit 90's gold thang and they love how I do it

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