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Spreading the Firewings - lyrics

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Spreading the firewings like the rays of the Golden sun
Imperishable, everlasting
Fly high and reach the fields of clouds and walk the green grass
Down below
Stand alone and proud and set this world on fire
For life is hard and life we live
Breath and smell, taste the flavour of riding free
The eternal skies
Mighty master make your choice so the time is now
When the sundown comes and our bonfires light the land
Come and receive the flesh we offer to you
May the body of our bother ride the skies within you soon
And thus the wheel keeps turning
The cycle is completed
The soul soars towards the clouds
After being received
Within the vulture´s body
Will return to the earth
Fallen down at dusk
These lands are ruled by the vultures
Under their command we praise the cycle of life
We give our bodies to the earth
And so, they return our clan to the skies
“I challenge you, oh mighty sun
I will follow the trail of your rays
To be eternal like the wheel of life
And carry on a lifetime within your light”
Fly before the sun
Far beyond the roaring horizon
Far above the storms
Far above the mountains
Fly higher and higher
Before the fury of the winds
Fly beyond this path
Like an eternal ray of the sun

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