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Freaks In Uniforms - lyrics

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Musical correctness
It's just a guide on how to perform
Everything less
Stuffed up opinions,
Dooms all thinking
Trying to put everything in a box
Freaks in uniform,
Creating norms
Ot's misguided unity!
In it for the thrill
It's got it's own will
You can go "Na-Na-Na-Na" yourself
Can't keep it clean,
It's a live pinball machine
You can go "Na-Na-Na-Na" yourself
A dangerous decease
But I don't wanna be cured
I don't want to just be pure
It's low self esteem
Creates inbreeds
A zombified closed community
A brainwashed breed of hypocrisy
It's misguided loyalty!
You got it, don't need no uniform
To know where i belong
Freak out!

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