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Adderall Thoughts - lyrics

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(Verse 1)
I’ve learned a lot more in the past year, got a buzz no lightyear, and its so clear
People keep tellin’ me that its my year, but all it really does is create fear
Now I dont speak to my family much, even though they try to keep in touch, they say im doing too much
Even though I feel like I ain't doin enough, and Im so hated that I kinda wanna leave town
I feel like im down and im out in the twelfth round, Im on the road almost every single night
Takin plane trips ponderin if this is real life, Im in front of a bunch of people i kinda really like
They know almost every word to every song that I write, and its like im high for the first time
I feel like I could shine in the night time, now I don’t know if you know how I feel
But I feel like this whole fuckin lifes unreal, do I do it for the thrill? Do I do it for the lights?
Will I ever make a mill in this short ass life? (I just don’t fuckin know)
I met a good girl that loves cocaine, and I honestly don’t know if we will want the same thing cause
I don’t wanna get caught in the bullshit, I don’t wanna do somethin stupid and end up on a news clip
Now that’s true shit, yeah im young and im done but I really ain't foolish, no I ain't foolish
And Im finally at the point that im really doin school shit
These are my adderall thoughts (3x)
(Verse 2)
I grew up around a pill poppin drug dad, in and out of rehab, but I never had it bad
I will tell you how I had to have my name changed, now go and act like you went through the same thing
I will tell you how payed my tuition on my own show money, and not on anybody’s riches
Had too work three jobs for the stud time, people always said that I ain't have the grind
Me and my sister haven’t spoke in a long time, me and my mom barely do but she doin fine
She got a boyfriend who better treat her right, cause shes honestly the only thing I care about in life
I called my stepdad on fathers day, and it took him three more to reply to me
Hes got a girlfriend and I don’t really know if he even wants to be a part of my life anymore
Meanwhile Im out in Cali getting drunk with some hoes wonderin if this is life I really want
Like whats gonna happen when I grow up? When I die is anybody gonna give a fuck?
Man I hope so, but in reality I honestly just don’t know, If I stop right now will I still grow?
And if I focus on my school will I still slow, did I not work hard enough ?
And if I act tough will they try and call my bluff and crush, every little thing I was tought
Im sorry for my adderall thoughts !
These are my adderall thoughts (3x)

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