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Higher - lyrics

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Higher, come take me higher
Higher, come take me higher
My sweetest joy, you're my love, you're my fall
[Verse 1:]
(Ooh Girll...)
You do it for the rush right
Searching for the thrill so you're sniffin up off the desk tonight
Shes not the party type she just ain't satisfied with life
Shes getting high cuz its the only thing she truly likes
Well baby thats bout to change
I ain't sayin that I'mma change you
I'm sayin I feel your pain
And I know it seems kind of strange
But Ill be there for you, look I care for you
But all she really wanna do is get (higher)
She says she wanna go in
Shes always searching for something she wants to feel like a queen
I asked her about her life she asked me where the mattress was
I can't tell if shes in love with me or if its just the drugs
When we fuck its amazing my heart it races
And her heart is racing too cause she just got a bag and faced it
She said hush come over here take a hit baby lets get
[Verse 2:]
(Ooh Girll...)
Now you just out here poppin' pills
Spendin daddies bills because you can't escape from the way it feels
She feels like nothing that's real is even that satisfying
And when she comes out from that high shes in the bathroom crying
But baby you don't have to do that have to feel this way
She said lets run away I said baby its gonna be OK
Just hold up for another day things will get better
She said the only way they will is if I get higher (higher)
She got a good family but takes it for granted
And she won't stop til she collapses or the whole room slanted
I told her you dont have to live like this
She ain't into petty shit she just wants a bong rip
Or something she could sniff something to give her a lift
I just want to let her go but I get high up off her kiss
And miss thank you for all of this
Because your love gets me high without a hit
Baby take me

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