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Don'T wanna dream - lyrics

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So another day is over
As the red sky faeds to grey
And I feel just like a prisoner
Ever since you went away
Each time I close that door
Night beings
I'll turn out the lights
But I know, when I close my eyes
Your lovin' me again
But I wake up alone
Without you
(Now I lay me down to sleep)
To pull me through
(Pray the lord my soul to keep)
I don't wanna dream tonight without you
(If I die before I wake)
What will I do
(Pray to god my soul won't break)
I don't wanna dream tonight
As I lie here in the darkness
And I try to struggle free
From these chains of depseration
That's all you've left for me
All through the night
Your face, fills my dreams
Once more I fall, like before
Then the sun comes up
And I'm alone again
And the heartbreak beings
So long to the memories
When loneliness was my only friend
Sometimes it's hard when you close the door
To look back for more, and find it's
Not in your heart
So I close my eyes
And I start to dream
I'm not alone
Cause you're here now with me
And I won't have to be

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