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Extreme Hatred - lyrics

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Violent acts blacken my brain
Alive insanity grows
Here and now is the time to slay
I will never lose control
My eyes search in blasphemy
Of you hated object still alive
Hand of doom comes crushing down
The hour is finally here to kill
Built up in a mind deranged
Seconds away from turmoil
Planned and arranged for years
Unbriddled aggresion boils
No mercy for the guilty
In endless time you'll inherit hell
Strong yearning for bright red blood
Suffering is close at hand
You cannot hide the truth no more
Banished forever from life
Vengeance like a bolt of lightning
Storming with infernal rage
Powers of hate incredibly strong
Under the surface of the outward
Night after night i prowl the streets
Meet your end with misery
Come out of your hiding place
Show me the fear in your face
I break out the powers of hate
To escape is to seal your fate
Extreme hatred - insane rush
Extreme hatred - blocking the mind
Extreme hatred - reprisal of your sins
Extreme hatred - blinding power it's time to die
Fear - Nightmare - Terror - You're helpless
Once before you die i'd like to see you crawl
Down in the mud from where you came from
This is the last time you will see the light
This is the last time you will be alive
Lies - distrust
Fake - disloyalty
Betrayer - dishonesty
Deciever - see you in hell
Hell has become your destiny
Pure revelation of evil itself
When you look into my face
You see the face of total hate
Blinded by the outer world
Eyes closed and a sarcastic smile
Crush your existence
Your life has finally come to the end

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Extreme Hatred