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Hang 'Em High - lyrics

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Awaiting the day you die
A journey towards the end
It's time you pay the price
Begging to sell your soul
Change cape with the wind
Pahtetic excuse for living
Weak mind twisted brain
The time has come to
Hang 'em fucking high
Adrenaline reign coming
From within - rush of power
The face of anguish brought
Upon the surface
No more holding back
Furious aggression
Ripping at the seams
Feel the hatred
Terrifying screams
Crush your skull
Pound it to dust
There's not room for
The two of us
Bringer of pain
Take your last breath
The time has come to
Hang 'em fucking high
Blood raining pouring
Forth in streams
Storm of dread
Wide awake nightmare
Far beyond belief
Feeling no remorse
Violent intensity
Hanging from your neck
Total insanity
An ending in red
Pain - repulsive cries
Forever entangled in death
Terror - In your eyes
You have now paid your price

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