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Another part of me, waits inside that room
Forever held against my own way to live
My body shakes the head, and thoughts are dripping out
Inspire you to take them in or throw them out

Help me, to be
Chase away my fear and despair
Order, to see
Look into my eyes, set them free

Let not my mind go astray
Do recall the way we should play

Think how the magic would be

In different times I could have waited for you
I would be willing to evolve
But now it seems no matter how I try
Progression stops and I resign, to fall

Fear not what others dismay
I am what I am

Decisions lead to pain
Like all the others we gain from this
Hell, take it down, children of hate
From me you spawn, it's not too late
And all the others are to blame
Look for truth in your domain
Take it like a man
To be honest, all you can

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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