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A star fell in the North the night it moved
and I could see it was a proof.
I did my duty, did my part
and burned a prophet's face and heart.
and then he came to me, emerging from the sea
In the form he chose to be.
And whispering to me:

"This is my era, this is my time.
This is my judgement Day, this Earth is now my shrine"

Live your life for your sake only, live it out, enjoy it slowly.
find your heart and dare to dream, find your saviour in your sleep.
And be not afraid to die, but seek it not before your time.
All you feel, you leave behind. Dreams are but for human kind.

Worship the chaos in controlled frames.
Lorentz' learned to control the flames
And be not afraid afraid to die, but seek it not before your time.
Live it out, day by day. Chaos gives you the world like clay:
To shift and shape, to wring and form.
And when it's perfect; burn to stone.

And when your time is here, then you'll die
without a chance to justify
all the the things you havent done, the places you still haven't gone
try to die well satisfied, cause dreams is all you leave behind
or else all time is waste and everything you feel or taste is dead.
Every word you said is gone, it's dead.
Everyone you ever loved is dead.
Every daughter, every son is dead.

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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