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SAB - lyrics

Dick limousine, man I need a vaccine
'Cause I'm hotter than average, I call it a gadget
An alien ass, I'm outta this planet
Address it to all that this track they be jammin'
On radio stations, this track is a disaster
I hold it back, all this laughs that I swear
30% of me tryin' ain't fair
Fuck with a nigga and see how you fare
Box with fists, I box with lips
And uppercut opponent with the words
I been a nigga sick I'm really sick
I cough up phlegm and spit it up in tissue
Been you niggas try, niggas die, niggas fry
You can't compare, multiply, look
You step to me, takin' a risk
Start with no keys, man I'm pushin' a whip
And I don't need no friends and I don't got no brothers
I'm close to a few and I don't fuck with others
You bitches be fakin', you phony, you posing
A wolf how you actin' but a sheep with the clothin'
Majin Vegeta, I'm losing my mind
Screaming, "Fuck every nigga that talk outta line!"
Huh, move around just like them bubbles
There's always a group but you soft to the touch
And my pen make you move, see you silent as hell
When I walk in the room, watch how you speak
Stand on your feet, I'm a man
Pen burn the skin off my hand
I cop my drip from Japan
My money comin' in bands
Green on me brody, I'm lookin' like Broly
You really want problems, my nigga, then show me
You talk behind back, you gon' act like the homie
Toasty, huh, she got the tongue of a Yoshi, huh
Thirsty like I'm Master Roshi
I'm lookin' at titties and ass but don't roast me huh, wait, yuh
Posted on the wall just like a thumb tack, ow, uh
Watch a Nickelodeon or Rugrats, nah
And they go "Pattycake, pattycake" I will eradicate
Any being intervenin'
Anything that I am seeing
I am sickness, I am death
I am bullet to the chest
R.I.P. my nigga, rest
SAB jacket, they laughin' at fashion
As often they lackin' as I am evolvin'
I'm drippy, I'm saucy
I turn my back on that bitch
Just like a car seat for infants, huh
X-Men in all of my vivids, huh
Yo' money look like a midget, huh
My shit as long as a bridge is, huh
Wait, outlandish, huh
Hotter than where you be tannin' and offer advantage
You ain't near my level at all
3-stock you easy, my dog, huh, wait, look
More like a student, I'm teaching you stupid ass niggas who do this
That y'all are some booty
I'm through this, I'm moody
I direct the beat like a movie
Quentin Tarantino, sharper than a needle, vinyl, huh
Watch out I pop up behind you, huh
I ain't really wanna try you, huh
Murder and shit is a cycle, yuh

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