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I've found emptiness
At the end of the days
That've passed through my life
Searching for the meaning of my purpose in this wicked world
I crossed the river of Acheron
Where I met the old friend of mine
Who led me to the limbo
The First Circle of Hell
Where pagans and non-religious resides
Then we left to incontinence
To be judged by a creature Minos
To descend to the lust
Where souls are tortured by strong and horrific winds
That throw them back and forth without a rest
We continued to gluttony
To stand in front of the Cerberus
And be tortured by neverending icy rain
That penetrates my skin
I saw a nation of lost souls,
Far more than were above
They strained their chests
Against enormous weights
And with mad howls
Rolled them at one another
There is a river
Where wrathful fight each other and withdrawn
In the darkest sulkiness
Where they never find a rest
We crossed the river to find next circles
Heresy and violence
Trapped in flaming tombs
Heretics are tortured over and over
The Seventh Circle divided into three rings
I start to regret trying to reach the end of
Nine Circles of Hell
Violent against neighbors
Are boiled in a river of blood and fire
We've passed the Wood of Suicide
And The Plain of Burning Sand
From the foot of the Great Cliff to the Well
Connected by bridges and called Bolgias
And at the base of the well we found ourselves
Within the large frozen lake
Last Circle of Hell
This final, deepest level of hell is reserved
For traitors, betrayers, and oathbreakers
Cain who betrayed his family
Or Judas who betrayed his lord
And in the very center of Hell
condemned for committing the ultimate sin
Treachery against God
The Devil Himself
Nine Circles of Hell

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Nine Circles of Hell (Single)