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Big Big Butt, by Infectiphibian - lyrics

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Mr. Sarsippius:
"Hahahaha, that's good, butt...
I mean "Butt", like the big butt that the ladies singing in the third row of the church choir "Be Heaven".
But, my new should be "slamatotious" on that, it's so slamming, it will send shivers up and down my spine.
Marsha, we'll blow the jam outta your toe, make your boogles go sell for the winter.
Ah, so you don't believe me, huh? Well I'm gonna play "Sprick", all right? Just a little teaser."
"That's right, and if you want more, you have to "Sprick" your ass down to the record store and buy it.
Thank you very much."

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