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Dead bitch lying there in the casket
just laughing at me
I'll fucking show that bitch
my fist up her rectum feels brutal
The blood filled anal-hole now ready
For my fucktool to make its way
The grotesque stench of beath
Gives me the will to fuck
The first victim of my lust
I've waited long enough for that brutal fuck
My dick becoming harder and harder
As I think of her dead cunt
wide open in front of me
I feel fucking horny
as my cock makes its way
through the dead flesh
Sudenly I see her bleeding shit hole
covered by aggressive maggots
The feeling is perfect
My cock just waiting to fill that dead slut
with warm spunk
But why end this perfect evening so
The mouth of her decapitated head
just waiting for my liquid of love
My dreasm filling her beteriorated mouth
I can imagine how it would be
to fuck her when she was alive
But she didn't like me
So it was her own fault
I had to kill her
and now I can fuck her as often I want

Lyrics was added by -ennie-

Man's True Nature