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Fragmented Oracle - lyrics

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I have a mouth and I cannot speak
I have the eyes and I cannot see
I am dragged off to many places
At the same time
And nobody can find me there
Crushed to fragments
I speak to you
With language of the dead
Hidden in shards of mirrors
Hidden in lights reflections
I have the mouth and I’d like to speak
I have the eyes and I’d like to see
I want to escape
From these many places
Where I live forgotten, shattered
Lips in thousands places are scattered
I am a fragmented oracle of Keopaa
Imparting the messages of her
Try to find me
Everywhere and nowhere
Fragmented oracle…
My mouth with no breath
Fragmented oracle…
Of Keopaa polarised
Fragmented oracle…
I am voice from beyond
Fragmented oracle…
Of inverted ethereality

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