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Yet another sleepless night
Yet another night without dreaming
I never felt like this before
So close but still so far away
I'm reaching out
But you turn and walk away from me
Don't you leave me all alone
Don't you walk away from me
Don't you turn your back on me
I cannot live my life like this
I see it so clearly now
I have opened up my eyes
I'm waiting for my endless sleep
Waiting for the moment
To leave it all behind
I watch my shadow fall
Now I'm all alone
Nothing more to live for
It's time to leave it all behind
I watch my shadow fall
I'll be dying all alone
No one to save me
I don't wanna die
Yet I don't wanna live
How can I believe
What the mirror shows me
The mirror tells no lies
Behind the mask I'm truly scared
Now I'm all alone
I've got nothing more to say or do
Can't believe that you betrayed me
You left me here without ever saying goodbye

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A Farewell to Nothing - The Diary Part 1

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