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Cross the Line - lyrics


Relentless hours
Who wants to live forever
Searching for answers
In a cold and empty room

Remains of a deficient life
Sorrow's the darkest feeling
Lost inside a dreadful doom

Memories, no remorse
The only word is why
The road of thorns I'm walking
To touch the sky

It's time to leave, it's time to go
Lonely path, just fear, no hope
Who am I? Can't move on
I spread my wings and fly
Hear the soul's cry
This fate's sign to cross the line

Unending nightmares
Where are the childhood's marvels?
Seeking the lovelight
To face the forced retreat

Beyond the horizon's end
The inner wish is fading
Will the rainbow rise again?

There are no dreams ahead
No reason to retry
The long way to nowhere
I can't deny

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