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For the Fallen - lyrics

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Born an old man
And not meant for this world
He never found his place to be
His soul was bathed in black
He heard a different drum
And sought a future
He could never see
And he tried so hard
Every single day
To find the answer
Not let it slip away
He was pushed so far
taken to the edge
He turned his face up to the sky
He just wanted to fly
A girl from out of time
Lost in her own mind
As the world just passed her by
As those around looked on
"All we can do is done"
She saw her path ahead
Through blinded eyes
On that day she saw
She could fight no more
Not the hands of those nearby
Though she heard them say
"Find a different way"
She had no will left to try
She just wanted to fly
Seeking answers in an angel's flight
With the curtain's fall
No more will come to light
Finding nothingness, leaving only pain
For the fallen
Only questions remain
As the ones who fall
Hear the fatal call
They will shed the tears we cry
Though the sun may rise
Past their closing eyes
They will miss the brighter sky
They just wanted to fly
Just wanted to fly...

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