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Skull of Sidon II - lyrics

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Long has this crusade consumed you
The skull by your side
Brothers with beauseant flying
Could never be denied
Even with odds overwhelming
Still you never fell
You slew all the heathen before you
Dispatched them to hell!
In battle you've found
Honour and glory
Your name will resound
Through history
Now as your final dawn beckons
You hear the king's call
"Their armies are massing against us
Our empire may fall"
So as the order compels you
You heed is command
You gather your steel and your courage
And make your last stand
Your final reward when victory is thine
You'll lay down your sword
With gods you will dine
Their leader is blind to the threat
Our numbers are few
He sees not the force of our hearts
Pure and true
The guard he has left in our path
Too late see the signs
Expecting retreat - we attack
And smash through their lines
We march at lord Sidon's command
Take fight to the foe
In thick of the battle he lands
Blow after blow
Their force in complete disarray
In panic they run
Their chance of escaping alive
It sinks with the sun
Now as the dust slowly settles
The king hears your call
This day will live long in our legends
But night now must fall
"My brothers, the skull I will leave you
And know you'll prevail
Its power will guide and protect you
And you'll never fail"
You made your last stand
And victory is thine
And now a new star
In heavens will shine

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