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Atalanta Fugien - lyrics


I’ve got a one track mind and I’m all about the blood in the diamonds. I want everything right now, so get on down and bow.

All your hopes are at my feet. All your dreams rely on me. I’m the one who set you free, but you are not enough for me.

I want, I want everything. Give me, give me all you are. I want, I want everything. Give me, give me your heart.

Bow down and pray to the one that, that freed every one you.I spoke and the chains came undone, I gave birth to ‘you’. What came from me was disgusting, what you are, you’re nothing so don’t call me a man.

This is my orchestra. You are my finale. You better start living, better start breathing, before you turn to stone. Your suit is made of wood and you’re sleeping in the water.

You better run, you better hide. I’ve got desire and she’s on my side. One day the whole world will be mine, and I will be divine.

Your thighs and eyes are mine alone and it’s not enough.

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