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We left that day alive, but the month remained a lifetime. Can't you see that these are the pictures of us? Of that day when the sun was shining, and the grass was so much greener. The stars spoke to us and promised immortality.
You had the world, but you let it go. Now none of this real. Destroy me. Its okay. Abandon me, for I am nothing.
I show the future my neck in hopes of abandoning everything. The worst is yet to come and we’re taking pictures, we’re taking pictures of it. I've realised I'm not a king and I'm foolish, I'm foolish, I'm foolish, you’re the fools.
Leave me abandoned, with my voice in my throat. Lost to the same indifferent sun, endlessly turning away. You're drowning in dead water, theres nothing for you here. Choking on dirt, choking on flies.
We float like we’re angels, sinking beneath the disguise of life. Our lungs are made of gold, and our legs can’t kick can’t kick can’t kick against the stench of death. The stars spoke to me and told me that we’re dying.
Your hand is coming for me, but I’m not ready.
You’re just an actor and a liar. I’m just a man and you’re denying that I ever had faith in you.

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