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Idiots Of Noise - lyrics

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Snap your fingers, snap your toes and dance to this. You don’t even care the world’s enacting death.
Come on child, don’t hesitate.
Dance until you can’t feel anything any more. Scream and shout give what you’ve got, because there’s going to be blood on your hands tonight.
Loving men with loving wives corrupt our meat. “Get on down, get on up”, says the soul to the beat.
Shake your legs, shake your thighs, it’s quite alright. Your mother isn’t here, your father isn’t here.
Girl, get down on your knees, and pray that tonight is not your last.
We’re never lying. We take your souls while you lay in bed asleep. Exploring you like Napoleon. Conquering hearts like they were streets.
This will all fall to pieces. Your voice still in your throat. It’s like a nightmare always standing at the edge of our days. Trade seconds for hours, let your heart stop. The voices are ghosts, and the hours are lost.

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