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Migration - lyrics

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Let’s create the dust, let’s give birth to sin, I’ll create the skies and watch the stars collide. I’ll give them eyes so they can see. I’ll give them mouths, I’ll give them need. I’ll give them everything they’ll ever need. So let’s begin this tragedy. Let’s burn the forest and breathe.
We want your hearts. We want your souls. We want your legs. We want your homes. We want this world, we want what’s yours. We want everything in this civilisation.
Look what I’ve made. Admire my creation. Indulge in the pleasures of the universe. I gave you beauty. I gave you everything you would ever need.
But I can see right through you, and I can feel your jealousy. You’ll never take the world. You’ll never take what is mine.
We want your homes. We want your mouths. We want your legs. We want your souls. We’ll take this world. We’ll take what’s ours, We’ll give nothing and take everything.
This is what I have created. Now I’ll watch this city turn to dust. It will be over soon. I can see the forest burning.
Our planets, they collide. The stars became, became our eyes. The universe is our disguise. The earth was never alive.
And when everything is gone, I will remember you.
We’ll burn the forest, let’s eat the trees, I’ll destroy the world. Get on your knees. I gave you a name, I gave you a soul. And I wanted the world I wanted it all. Stretch our your arms fill up your lungs, I’m sinking deep I’m sinking down. Here’s a darkness you can feel. Here’s a darkness to end it all.

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