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To know the pain
Of too much tenderness
I would give myself to thee

But just to clarify
My keeping distance I confess
That I know all too well
You're not to be with me

But from across the room
You held my gaze
The keeper of my heart
Came to greet you with a warm embrace

Now I feel this heat
In my hands and feet
I have a belly full of butterflies
And weakness in my knees.

You better not come any closer
Cause I'll lose myself if you do
And if in truth I cannot have you
Don't encourage me wanting you

Go back
Go back
Go back

Go back
Go back
hurry while you still can

Go back now
Don't delay yourself
If you cannot be my man

Go back
Go back
Stop teasing me now

Go back
Go back
Don't tempt me now

Go back
Be fair now
Stop torturing me

Go back
Be good and
Go back

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