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Let Me Fall In Love - lyrics


Before I go to sleep tonight, won't you tell a story?
One that does not center around power or glory-
A simple tale of love that is tender and sweet
However glorified, still uncorrupted, with a steady heartbeat

Or better still of love that's also passionate and wild
That holds the light of youth and makes you playful like a child

And let me fall in love, fall in love
Let me fall in love, fall in love

I've heard people speak of sad ending and broken hearts
But the heart does heal and where one thing ends, another starts
I've heard them say they wished they never knew such pain
But to wish for pain-free love is to wish in vain
And anyway, pain does not have to mean suffering
If love is a gift, to it yield an offering

Cause when you fall in love
You fall in love
with everything
with everyone
And you look at the world
through a new pair of eyes
And you see fear - it crawls
but love - it flies

So fly with it
fly with it
Grow a pair of wings and soar up high
This bird, it sings a lullaby
Close your eyes now, go asleep
And dream a dream of falling deep
in love

Let me fall in love,
fall in love...

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