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Do you recall so long ago on that terrible night?
He came from the mountains as legends foretold, to show us his might
A bellow of thunder erupts from his lungs with a deafening sound
He’s come to relieve our almighty king of his glorious crown
So hungry for riches, so thirsty for gold
His greed knows no boundaries, his conscience is cold
The sky turns to darkness as his wings unfold
There’s nowhere to run when the dragon arrives
His fiery breath raining down from the skies
He’s come for us all and no one will survive
So gather your children and run for your lives
No one could foresee the tantrum of rage he’d unleash on us all
The smoke and the flames billowing out of our once hallowed halls
With effortless grace he breaks through the castle’s impregnable walls
Our fate is sealed, against his great power we’re destined to fall

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Lightning Strikes the Crown