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Look upon me, nemesis and hear my hateful cries
Cast your gaze upon this mortal frame before your eyes
So long I have waited for this moment to arrive
Grant me now the pleasure of my enemies demise
Your judgement awaits, the cruel hands of fate
Cast the ones who wish to harm me down into their graves
Let their children watch and may their women be enslaved
Show them any fool who crosses me will not be saved
Teach them all a lesson in humility and pain
Can you see the wicked look of evil in their eyes?
On the wings of hatred, Casting shadows in the skies
Here she comes to delegate the fate that you deserve
There will be no victory, her justice now is served
So if you must live by the sword
In turn you will die by the sword
Don't you try to bow and beg for mercy at her feet
Die without your dignity, alone in your defeat
She will bring revenge upon my greatest enemies
Feel the crushing weight within the grip of destiny

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Tales of Splendor and Sorrow