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Deceiver - lyrics


I can feel the poison in my veins Rushing blood governs my time
Freedom expires willing to resist I'm the deceiver Judas in my world
I look into your eyes Backstabbing still not aware
Try to occupy all hours not asleep Lying! preferring to leave
Just a few seconds satisfying weeks
She sucks all that's right out of me
I look into your eyes Backstabbing still not aware
Soon my conscience has fallen I despise and I deny
My actions serves none but myself
My urge to hold her beyond time
She whispers sweets into my ear
And I am lost in my world of lies
This tempting goddess playing me
Like the master sweeps his strings
I woke up from my illusions with regret
She cast her final spell
All that this sickness has caused
Is revealed just in front of my eyes
I look into your eyes Prepared to repeat the sin

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