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The Lake - lyrics


Silently gazing at myself in the mirror of truth
Where memories and destinies dwells

Dried rivers crosing my reflection
Scars so deep in flesh and soul
I see that dark stain in my eye
The one that won't go away
What could have hurt me so bad

I remeber the lake
The lake of my youth
I wrote your name in the water
To forgive and to forget
A glimpse of light eternally

Santuary, a sacred place
Where the children are like clay
Salvation dwells in blue eyes
Insomnia, in a silent dress

White wizards and red demons
Offsprings finally putting me to sleep

Shut the door of evolution
The journey ahead
It scares me immensely
Escalating years

Please let me direct the end
Accelerating scenes around me

Returning to the lake of youth
Again it makes me feel so calm
The namein the water is long since gone
Finally I yearn for old grayness
All the lake, fear no more

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