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I've walked into the light on the other side
Beyond the door of life I've left behind
Followed a path I did not know
Washed by many tears
Read the pages of my life
Retraced the wasted years
that scarred my soul
Now I must go, someone calls me
Someone is tugging at my soul
Won't let go. Let me go!
When the seal is opened on the book of life
Will your name be written there?
To be remembered and follow into the light
Or cast down in despair
Sign of the times and things yet to come
The truth now revealed
Shall condemn every son
Some will be blessed
Others turned away
Who will be honored on judgement day?
Time is now...To face your fears
Time has come...Wash away the tears
Time is now...For all to kneel
Time has come...Judgement you will feel
In my vision every head and hand
Will retain some kind of code
Inventory read by a laser scan
For everything bought or sold
Accept the way...Come get in line
Accept the new age...Don't be left behind
Accept the way...Do it now today
Accept the new age...Or be cast away
One monetary system for the world
A do or die sort of thing
All computations flowing through the beast
Have we forgotten who is king?
Show me the sign, the sign of the times
It's time for a sign
The press of a key is easy for me
That's the way it should be
What is the cost? Will I be lost?
To the hands of the beast
Show me the sign, the sign of the times
It's time for a sign
Don't be afraid The future is paved
The mark's on it's way
Bank by the phone you'll never leave home
A scan is all you'll need
Automation in every nation
The future is ours to be

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The Fourth Judgement

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