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I woke up this morning bout' 7:15 with a smile on my face from a pretty fine dream about you, I keep thinking about you.
I'm half asleep and I'm half in love and I have to see if I can get me some of that pretty little kiss of yours.
So I think as I drink and I sing my songs and I feel like it wont be very long until I'm tangled up in you.
I light a smoke tell a joke and it makes you smile and you know I know that you like my style you're just so beautiful serene...just like a dream.....and I want to be loved by you.
My head knows that its probably wrong to even sit around and write a silly song about you, but I keep thinking about you. You know you love just sitting there with those little blonde streaks in your sun brown hair, its nice to know that someones been thinking about you....
I want to be loved by you.

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