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Sara​-​Nade - lyrics

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the simple glow of a silhouette cast on your face tonight
and I can feel you breathing in like everything’s all right
but do you even notice the look in my eye
when I hear you say goodbye
and I don’t want to know
where you're laying down tonight
time and time again
you break me
why can't you let me in
I remember days when a sara-nade could lift your soul so high
but you don’t smile now, its been a while since I’ve seen you even try
and do you even notice the way that I die
when I hear you cry at night
and you don't want to know
why I feel the way I do
and time and time again
I break you
why can't I let you in
somber sounds of the pouring rain comfort me tonight
but you are somewhere soaked in pain no happiness in sight
but did you even notice the look in my eye
the night I said goodbye
and time and time again
she breaks me
why can't she let me in
time and time again

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