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Deeper Underground - lyrics

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Yeah you know
They're gonna bring it down now
They're gonna wreck it down
Somethings come to rock me and I can't keep my head
I get nervous in the New York city streets
Where my legacy treads
I know I'm better off standing in the shadows
Far from humans with guns
But now it's too late
There's no escape
From what they have done
Come on
Hey they're gonna wreck it down
Step down and down and down
Hey yeah
We're gonna bring it down yeah
Some people with a pocket full of money
And an eye full of hate
Take a pleasure in destruction
Of the very thing that they tried to create
Somebody tell me why does all mankind
Only tamper and touch
Have a habit where they bite off more than they can chew
And now it's too much
I'm going deeper underground
There's too much panic in this town
I'm going I'm going I'm going
Deeper underground

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