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Mánu Mánná - lyrics


the child of the moon
has skin smooth as silk
so pale, almost white
the colour of milk

her hair falling down
with traces of gold
lightens the night
of darkness and cold

her laughter is soft
her smile so bright
the look of her eyes
is a capturing sight

the child of the moon
takes a walk through the air
lets some light in
to the souls of despair

mánu mánná, mánu mánná
mánu mánná, mánu mánná manna
Manin manna, mánu mánná
mánu mánná, manu manna manna?

when she arrives
she's singing a song
a melody of joy
that echoes for long

every one who's around
wants to embrace
her appearance of love,
beauty and grace

but into her heart
there is no way
night is her friend
she's gone in the day

she is the one
to ease up your fears
but who is to dry
her own moonlit tears?

mánu mánná
manin manna, mánu mánná manai?

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