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New Year's Eve - lyrics

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dressed up people by the table
some one's standing up for speech
to see us coming they're not able
nor our magic feeling reach
candles burning down so slowly
may I take your hand to dance?
orchestra's playing for us only
this I'd call true elegance
some time ago there was night
you called the spirits and they came
we both know now that they were right
when the answer was my name
the air of love might not exist
it's hard to believe what is unseen
but black on white cannot be missed
there's more than air in between
together last night of the year
a kiss of yours, a touch of sky
for a moment world was ours, my dear
too beautiful to be a lie
a star, a wish, a dream come true
I never saw it coming by
sparkling redness is now blue
you're not mine, it makes me cry
new year's eve with all its glimmering glory
with the sparkling fire works and shining glow
in my heart I'll always keep our true story
as I return to northern snow

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