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Slack-Jaw - lyrics

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Ya' goddamn slack-jaw
Pick ya' ass up off the asphalt
How many times I gotta pass y'all?
Hats off to who? You know it's me-
The bro wit the poetry, Leave a chode MC-
Lying on the floor, he crying, "woe is me"
I'm throwin' these-
Totally proficient with flow and ease
Go and see- noticed you thinkin'-
You got the potency to roll with me
Homie, you know you will get broke and beat
I'm dope indeed
I grab the microphone, you grab your rosary beads
Who came to see me speak?
The soul in the boiler room, mold to the beat
Had the flow since a fetus- I'm dope, please believe it
Zoomed out the womb, boom box and adidas tryina break
My mama called me Nate
I walked out of the hospital and bought a can of paint
Ever since that day, nothing has been the same
Became the maniac upon the mic that you cannot contain
Mentally, I'm better than everyone
Never met anyone tellin' me different
I mean it, I beat it up, eat it up, we get up-
Even the beat isn't ready for me
When I begin to speak in the mic
And I'm freakin' it right away
Never be havin' to breath
I'm competin' to be the one
biddin' a bitter goodbye
to an idiot thinkin' he king
It ain't really a thing when I'm bringin' it out-
But the people, they love it- that; I'm all about
And if I could defeat every bit of the weak in a weekend,
I'd do it and then I'd be out
With a negative agony down in my belly
I'd be disemboweling all of my enemies
Draggin' 'em back to the pad in a bag
I'm attackin the whack and I'm leavin' 'em empty
Tempt me
I'm a nice guy, but who knows, I might snap
When I kick flows, these thick hoes get sewn to my sack
I write that with an intention to bend it and lean it
If I say it enough, it'll become true, do you know what I mean?
It's like I walk through valley and I'm askin' for sex
I finally got to Leb and then I'm askin', "what's next?"
I bust heads, but in a nice way- I might stay and rest
Or maybe I'll head back to Windsor, so I can play with my friends
Sup Teece, sup Ethan
Hey Nate, wassup Drew
Hey nick, what's up nick
Futawn; fuck you
I'm just playin baby, I cannot be taken serious
But if you want a lyricist, look no further here he is
Steerin' his vehicle into the ditch- pitiful
Miserable little idiot fillin' the rhythm full-
Of everything he got, will he give it up? No sir
Everybody wanna see him swimmin' with a toaster
Overhead, I fly like a missile
Soar like an eagle, I'm so official
This'll maybe hurt a bit, might even tickle
Either way it doesn't have to be made into a big issue
If you wanna get down to the beat
I'm the clown for the job
You have found what you need
I compound with the sound
I confound and defeat
From the nose to the toes
From the ground to the beak x2
If ya' just got paid
Or ya' just got laid
And you're havin' a good day, say hooooo
All the people in the place
Who are feelin' out of place
Who don't really wanna play say noooo

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