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[Intro Sample]
1979, all the fathers of nobel prize winners
Were rounded up by United Nations military units alright?
And actually forced at gunpoint
To give semen samples in little plastic jars
Which are now stored, below Rockefeller Center
Underneath the ice skating rink
Wouldn't wanna be there for the thaw (laughter)
Eurgh! I mean it's disgusting..
It's on now. We sit up in outerspace and throw bombs down
You all hype up in our face: nigga, calm down
You don't really want beef. Planet, Warchild
Your whole squad fall down
[Verse 1: Crypt, the Warchild]
I ski down from the stratos, splatter and capture the crowd
This hip hop shit, me and Planet mastered the style
Every rhyme I spit is just to pay dues
While you suffer from third degree burns, when you make moves
Unable to quake, I shake the syndrome out the children
Nose blows got you feeling stiff cold you freezing
Heavily breathing, shook in the Garden of Eden
You face Christ and pay the price, other that you bleeding
You owe ya' life, plus ya' mind, soul and body
I send caution through wind to stop the mind of Socrates
Bring on Plato, philosophies twist tornadoes
My eyes a spectrum after the rain, producing rainbows
Purposefully aim those, 16 until ya' brain close
I expose flows cold, ya' frames remain froze
[Hook x2]
[Verse 2: Planetary]
I was born to intensify your brain with skill
My name is ill, P that's for the Pain you feel
LA, for the Lyrics that I Aim to kill
NE, Niggers know I Entertain to fill
Train to build, Train to steal the mics from you
I might stun you, watch ya back in a bright tunnel
We spaced out, in the game for the same clout
Those who claim players, games get reigned out
Roll the talk, you've been rejected like Rosa Parks
Get torn apart, QD niggers got colder hearts
Your soul departs, here's where the explosion starts
Shit is hot, city blocks getting blown apart
We throwing darts, contaminated with fire
While my soldiers march, we blasting at ya attire
Sharp like barbed wire, missiles 'll scar liars
Decapitating ya frame and leaving ya jaw wired
[Hook x2]

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