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[Hook: Block McCloud]
When you're falling into this tune
It's like you're crawling into your tomb
Deadliest of melodies, deadliest of melodies
Once the wraths get a hold of your soul
It's like you're trapped and there's no way to go
Deadliest of melodies, deadliest of melodies
[Verse 1: Jus Allah]
I don't have the thought to care
It's off, it's my cross to bare
Lost the cross I used to wear, I am cost aware
Partnership with darkness, we're an awesome pair
Sought position, wall facing office chair
In the depths of hell, death for sell
With blood that propels from the cells
And every L is extra L
It's hot here, hear the sears from the dropped tears
Its an opera to the ears, of gospel fears
Hot careers, grotesque, slow deaths
Here is where I am nobelist and oversexed
It's a whole mess of loneliness, no regrets
Unholiness corrosive mental rolodex
I know uncertainty, personally
Murder uncourteously, mercilessly
Sole safe haven, open up my swollen heart
The hole greater than the sum of its broken parts
[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
I'm your worst nightmare
The reversal of Christ here
The only thing you seeing is the shadow and knife glare
Me, I ain't the type of motherfucker to fight fair
Pistol grip pump, chainsaw and a pipe here
Y'all are pussy watered down like a light beer
I don't run from it, I embrace it, I like fear
Texas-Chainsaw Massacre I invite fear
Call me Leatherface motherfucker I'm right here
Call me any other person that's an evil killer
Pazienza Pontius Pilate call me Jesus killer
Call me Richard Ramirez because he spill venom
I'm Mark David Chapman before he killed Lennon
I was studying my lessons when the Earth was seedless
You're like Judas Iscariot when he murdered Jesus
The way my operation work is like a surgeon's thesis
I'll drink the period blood of a fucking virgin priestess
[Verse 3: Demoz]
Maserati Mazi, it's the D.E.M.O.Z
Nah homie you can't control me
I pop slowly, thinking you know me
Slow, phoney niggas, is starring hard, like I'm looking familiar
If you don't owe me, I ain't looking to kill ya
Still it smell too funny
The plot thicken, a lot of you die snitching
Ligaments missing, illiterate niggas die hissing
Why would I wana trade my soul for your riches and lose to the devil?
I never break the rules of the ghetto
From borough to borough, I rep the most thoroughest city, Philly
The livest rhymers, pay homage cuz I'm a survivor
You lying - DEMOZ
Either you love me or hate me, hug me or snake me
Lately I been behaving like I ain't got a baby
Maybe it's the way my lady treat me
Crazy, shady thoughts
Run through my head by the minute but still I play my part
Peace to every piece of piece of shit
My piece of work is not a piece of nothing
Fronting if I'm bringing peace to Earth

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