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Tibetian black magician - lyrics

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Verse 1: Canibus]
Jedi Mind Tricks, Canibus
I grab mics, bust the raw
Take flight adjust the Yaw
Break your bicuspid with your own jaw
Metaphors started menopause in your moms before you were born
Technically you don't even exist, God
A flick of the wrist, you'll be gone
Lost in limbo like pink shit camouflaged in a pig farm
I'm an enigma I rip bars
A burning star with 5 points
Plus the mic I ripped thus far
I start from your forehead
Peel the top of your fucking face off like an orange
And eat the carnage, my God that sounds horrid
Eating MC's is like eating garbage, they make me vomit
Discombobulate prostates, re-hydrate dry lakes
Wipe Ammonium Nitrate across the side of ya face
Anthropomorphologically speaking, I'm out of your league
Who can match the bottom of my top speed?
Scourge of the earth, verses are merged into dirt
Heart line is flat lined through the therapy era
Sentences go through re-synthesis
I leave em looking bleaker than Memphis is without Roc-A-Fella membership
Don't be an optimist and try to rock with Bis
You end up in an iced-out sarcophagus
[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
Every rapper better fear me, 'cuz Vinnie Paz is a beast
And y'all steady screaming for war but want peace
You trying to walk through the fog with sun leaks
You trying to walk two dogs with one leash
You can't overstand the mathematics
How I rip bars, walk through walls, perform magic
Tibetan Black Magic, I'm a warlord
Ill stab you through your fucking temple with a floorboard
I'm a born lord, I was baptized
To see the universal through a cats eyes
Here come the black skies
It's all darkness
I breathe life into Jesus Christ's carcass
[Hook x2: Sample]
"Have you ever heard the sound of bones splitting"
"Make MCs memories whenever there's a symphony"
"End you with the murderous medley"
[Verse 3: Canibus]
As I duct tape ya to the front of a Mack Truck's fascia
Drive through a brick wall, pull the parking brake up
Ask you for you proof of registration, say what?
I can't understand a word you saying, you fuck!
Peel you off till you drop on the floor
Drag you to the manifold
Make you put your mouth around the exhaust
Squeeze your neck harder when you start to cough
I bet you never thought this could happen just for pissing me off
I'm in for hardcore Hip-hop, the surrogate father
Protecting rap like the exoskeleton of a Lobster
I'll moonwalk on water, harpoon jackers
And drag em back to the harbor for the local photographers
Now point four fingers and watch through binoculars
Look what Harry Potter did to Andrew Galotti, Kid
Bitter enemies exchange negative energy
But you can't forgive and forget with an elephant memory
Coz You-Know-Who snatched the mic from You-Know-Who
But lets keep that between me and you!
Me and JMT
Rippers that'll rip your ass
I got an empty mag, get em Vinnie Paz
[Verse 4: Vinnie Paz]
I get a bloodlust when I see a slug bust
Hit your mug with a .38 snub and watch the blood rush
Nothings above us, ya'll better back off
Cos you a devil like the Canaanite in Sackcloth
We busting Gats off
It's a clean kill
It doesn't seem real when your spleen spill
So listen to what im spittin at y'all
La illaha, il Allah il Allah
Come on y'all, your getting hit in the chest
Coz Vinnie Pazienza and Canibus is the best
Ripping the rest
And all ya'll seek is ashes
I love reading Qur'an in pitch blackness
I love reading the psalms to bitch actors
I love reading the palms of bitch rappers

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