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Beat Of My Heart - lyrics

When the night is over, I'm alone here in my room No one here to see me and no one to disturb (I) turn to see the news, catch a glimpse of real distress Turn to watch my make up for TV and for press
==BRIDGE== Surface in the mirror calling out tonight "Are you really certain what's going on inside? Can you tell the picture apart from who you are? Have you reached the bottom when you have become a star?"
==CHORUS== The beat of my heart plays a new song inside Trueness abhors the limelight tonight I'm gonna be explosive alright Getting in motion, ready to fight Watching me fade away, to life.
(I'm) looking out the window at a stoney seaside pier Facing the horizon, oh I wish that I was there Boundless and bewildered as the sea inside of me I'm longing more than ever to be all that I can* be.
I'm signing out tonight I've learned to play all the games of fame Beyond my picture face Is the real "I am" I am signing out tonight

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