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Natural Superstar - lyrics

A natural superstar Oh-ooh yeah
Her poster has a foxy waist A body made by cut and paste Her skin is like a piece of art This beauty is perfection and it breaks my heart In this technological reality She exists to fulfill our fantasy But she's just a plastic dream That's gone too far.
===CHORUS You're the natural superstar C'mon I know you feel the way I do You've got to know your beauty makes me move No you don't have to hide yourself no more Just get your body going, hit the floor (hit the floor...)
This game will never calm my fear A thousand lies, a big career Her face is everywhere I go But I will never match her and it hurts me so In her artificial anatomy, she's my digital analogy But she's just a plastic dream That's gone too far
I'm running up and down the walls In self-contempt until I fall [x3]
I'm trying every point of view, It hurts to find there's nothing new To seek the sane just makes me mad I want the good but live the bad The way I look has made me blind I guess I need a change of mind

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