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Spend This Night - lyrics

You know, you amaze me When you touch me, I'm going crazy I want your lips, your finger tips All over me

You're looking fine, complete design I'm so excited you could be mine I know for sure, I want you more Baby skin to skin

Oh yeah!

==CHORUS== I wanna spend this night with you Come on I know you feel it too I cannot sleep, you're on your way Please let me know you've come to stay If you just spend this night with me I'm gonna show all we could be Oh yeah I know you feel it too I wanna spend this night with you

... with you, with you

Right now, I want you near me With your body, you can reveal me In the heat, the empty streets, you're moving me

Feel the temper rise, something in your eyes Makes me think, makes me realise I wanna hold you, yes I need you Skin to skin


I get no sleep... [repeated]

[Chorus x2]

Lyrics was added by stfilomena

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