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Living For Tonight - lyrics


You’ve had a tough day your boss is making a fuss
He says you’re not made of the right kind of stuff
Your family always begs you to make sense of your life
But you don’t know what to say because nothing seems right

And you wake up every morning in a state of gloom
Your landlord’s knocking at the door
And all your bills are due

(Chorus) But you know that I’ll be right here
Waiting with a beer in my hand
And we’ll make it to the end
And you know that it’ll be alright
‘Cause though the days may be hard, our lives start at night

You’re at a quarter life crisis where everyone wants to say
That though you’re at a crossroads you’ve got to choose a way
And you feel others and the media breathing down your neck
Implying you’re a loser with a wasted life yet

But they just have a different idea of success
They don’t know what it’s like to live for your friends


And we’ve got much more than they’ll ever understand
The best of life we hold in our hands
And when they say that your plans aren’t right
Just remember we’ll all be together tonight


Lyrics was added by SteffiOi

Alberta Rose

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