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we take the customary puff puff pass
to my sister on the clockwise path
brother make it last
light up the green revolution
institution built on vague superstition
shouldn't keep us from plans
i love the city when the skyscrapers rise
from our lungs and our systematic woes dive
taking the past
and all our friends come together
burning human inhibition at the heart
of a cooped up land
we watch the moon cascade correlate
automatic cycle through the phases
of the earth's days
time was a child struggling
now is a teacher showing us the benefits
of the new and old ways
and now we see that all the worries we are housing
are projections of the old self
living aloud
and when i take it by the second
i can move in the present confident
with my good mates holding me proud
puff puff pass
puff puff pass

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The Human Condition

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