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Isn't that the guy
From last year
(Hey) He's a wild man
He's a real pioneer

Hasn't moved an inch
Since last year
(Hey) The man's an artist
He's committed to his craft

I wouldn't last a day
Not out here
(Hey) Not to be heartless
(Hey) I think he does it for a laugh

He's someone whose standing there
If you can hear, he's coming near
I'm in need of a friend
It seems I was left here
Trying looking for a last volunteer
Picked the wrong one again
She fell asleep ahead of me
Now I'm an absentee
Underneath this tree
In the public domain

Bring yourself in closer still
Make yourself at home
Don't mind the smell

It's been more than a year
It's a kind of house arrest
To be dispossessed without my last request
'Cause I'm more than inclined

If you could send me a light
I'd be much obliged
If you were so inclined
You could keep yourself warm

Isn't that the fire
From last year
(Hey) It's a hot one
It's a real nine-alarm

Wasn't there a park here last year
(Hey) I left my lighter 'round here

If you see that guy from last year
(Say) That he can keep it
I got another one at home


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