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Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie - lyrics


That means no
Where I come from
I am cold, out waiting for the day to come

I chew my lips, and I scratch my nose
Feels so good to be a rose

Oh don't, don't you lift me up
Like I'm that shy, no no no no no
Just give it up
There are bats all dissolving in a row
Into the wishy-washy dark that cannot let go
And I cannot let go
So I thank the lord
And I thank his sword
Though it be mincing up the morning, slightly bored

O, morning without warning like a hole
And I watch you go
There are some mornings when the sky looks like a road
There are some dragons who were built to have and hold
And some machines are dropped from great heights lovingly
And some great bellies ache with many bumblebees
And they sting so terribly

I do as I please
Now I'm on my knees
Your skin is something that I stir into my tea
And I am watching you
And you are starry, starry, starry
And I'm tumbling down, and I check a frown
It's why I love this town
Well, just look around
Just see me serenaded hourly, celebrated sourly
Dedicated dourly, waltzing with the open sea
Clam, crab, cockle, cowrie
Will you just look at me?

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