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Snakes feat. T'nah Apex - lyrics

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Free Max B
Owww (owwwwwww)
Uh uh (uh uh) x3
It's like (it's like)
[Joey BADA$$]
Sometimes I feel alienated
Because I'm not up in the stadium playing or on the radio sayin'
"Fuck 'em broads we don't love 'em we degradin' 'em!"
But always find my self back at the bacchanalian
Blood vessels poppin' out my craniums
Niggas askin' when the tape gon' drop but I got nothin' to say to them
Because I been slacking the skill, although my passion is real
I'm too caught up catching a feel when I should be cashin' a mil
It's something bout me being younger that affected my hunger
Got older in number, realized I can't count on these hundreds
To determine my elation
Pursuit of happiness I keep pacin', these motherfuckas racist
These ain't fair races, they just let the fear erase us
Adopted by the slums, son of guns this is how they raised us
Yo son we gotta raise up, don't let them just array us
'Til we raisins in the sun
So we gotta wake up
[Ref: T'nah Apex]
Cause they always be behind in the cut
Always in the skies watchin' stars when they up
So don't you confide into the evil and corrupt
This is urgent, Apex on the vertex, tonight we're serving serpents
Cause they always be behind in the cut
Always in the skies watchin' stars when they up
So don't you confide into the evil and corrupt
This is urgent
[Joey BADA$$]
Got a whole bunch of shit up on my plate now
Thinkin' like in the man garden it's a snake now
Cause I don't know who to believe or who to deceive
Got me thinkin' I
Sold my soul and ain't received a receipt but I won't proceed to retreat
Jigga told me watch your throne seat
And now I sees it and in respect to big, I gotta cease it
And I hope he see me cause these niggas don't want beef with my talents
They ain't fit for this green, they just caesar salad
You think because you avid they just gonna let you have it
It's a lot to learn and that my nigga need to ask us
It's the axis of the earth at the birth
I found a new balance
And now I walk on water just like I knew balance just like a relative
Marijuana sedatives got me thinkin' I should put a bomb right where the senate is
Cause they corruptin' the youth, we ain't inductin' the truth
Lookin' at the president like yo it must be nothin' to you
[Ref: T'nah Apex]
[Joey BADA$$]
I passed the dutch to left and it started to make sense
It's funny how I see it more straight when I'm bent
You've been warned on the risk it takes to take to sit on top
Been on clock cause you could see that I been on watch
Shit don't stop, 'til you make the sacrifices
Trade in whats priceless to ices and devices
When the light switch I shift like I'm typin'
Livin' in the era where Christ is the crisis
The lifeless in the trance actin like yo mans
Bitch niggas only know that transactions is the plans
But the mic is in my hands so I valor the booth
The blacker the berry is the more sour the fruit
They ejectin' us to make us cowards to the power of truth
Became flowers from roots and now we just move in cahoots
I move from the stoop and put my foot right down on the asphalt
Every night I ask lord if this what I asked for
[Ref: T'nah Apex]

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