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So have you been to the valley lately?
Have you noticed that the shepherd is gone?
So walk gently lady as you walk along
Cos I once fought for his forces
But that cross bears nothing now
I've seen all but your Crusades succeed
And it's growing sour
Gonna be a long time waitin
Things are always looking little better
When you're on the backside of them
And then you know all that you think
You might need to know
But even then, my little wing
You'll have to grow, you'll have to grow
So have you been to your God lately?
No Jesus Christ, he ain't nowhere to be seen
He is not there matey, he has never been
So have you been to your church lately?
No, cannot find the key to your home
There is no support for you now, my friend
They got problems of their own

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John Butler

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